Welcome to Reena Mehta College

Reena Mehta College of Commerce and Management studies with Jeevan Jyot as its parent body was established in the year 2003 by the founder and chairperson Mrs. Reena Mehta. At present the college conduct Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom), Bachelor in Accounting and Finance (BAF), Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM), Bachelors of Science in information Technology (Bsc I.T) and Bachelors of Management Studies (BMS) Courses. All the courses taught are affiliated to University of Mumbai. Reena Mehta College concentrates on the path of providing “Holistic” and “Quality” education to individual children. We are committed to provide the students with the necessary environment and support of their career planning and advancement. While ensuring academic and co-curricular facilities is also conscious of its role as a constructive and responsible components of the larger society. We at Reena Mehta College believe that teaching is the art of simplifying knowledge and information without diluting it. Our committed nurtures the aspirations of our young students to excel academically and lay also the foundation for the lifelong learning. To make learning interesting and comprehensive the college has been developing innovative teaching method like: Presentations / Discussions and classroom debates.Organizing guest lectures for the benefit of the students.Conducting Audio Visual Lectures.
Other facilities and Activities includes :

» Library with internet facility
» Extra curricular activities like Social Services, Yoga, Dance & Music.
» Computer Laboratory
» Industrial Visits.
» Extra Coaching for Slow Learners.

Our vision is to develop the knowledge, skills and the character of our pupils which helps in creating & sustaining an environment conducive to academic and professional excellence."
"Our mission is to build up ethically, academically and culturally aware students to serve the society while motivating the students for bringing about environmental and social harmony to enhance equality and bring about a holistic development."
»To provide holistic education in academic and extra circular activities.
»To provide excellence in commerce and business education at under graduate level.
»To give the learners the breadth of knowledge and the depth of experience.
»To equip learners with advance knowledge, latest skills and modern techniques in their chosen discipline.
»To prepare students for life and work in competitive, fast paced, environment of the present world.