It’s my privilege to introduce as the Administrator of Reena Mehta college and a great honor of working with RMC from last 12 years. I had a core educational belief that our main purpose is to work with parents to provide students with improved life chances; supporting students to develop into self –reliant, life –long learners This not only maximize their chances of academic success but provides them with a solid foundation to be successful in every area of their life. In choosing RMC you are choosing a college with a reputation for success and for academic and extracurricular achievement. Our staff members take a real interest in the development of our pupils and work hard to prepare them for the next stages of their education and their lives. The daily programme of the college benefits our pupils by providing a structure within which the various educational, sporting, Cultural and personal development can progress.

Values of respect, honesty and commitment have a place in every society and we Endeavour to foster these values in our pupils.