Introduction :

Bcom is a three year course. This is designed for the student , who want to perceive their career in the field of Accounting, Finance, Banking, Insurance Management etc. The course covers the major areas ranging from fundamental to advanced concepts in the subject offered in the course.

Intake Capacity : 

3 Divisions (120 * 3 = 360)

Features :

The Degree is design to provide the students with a wide range of management skills while at the same time building competence in a particular area . The Degree provide the necessary skills for General Managers, Entrepreneur and Business leader to function effectively in a variety of business related career opportunities.

Programme Content :

The student is exposed to generate business principles, quantitative analysis, case studies, and organizational behavior. The curriculum thus foucses both on academic subjects such as statistics, mathematics and economics, as well as practical business subjects, such as accountancy, law, management, marketing, finance etc. 

Future Prospect :

After completion of the course, the student would have acquired the necessary the competence to work with banks, insurance companies and financial institution. It has also been estimated that more than 65 lacs professional will be added in next 5-6 years in financial sector, thereby creating a gap which can be filled by newly graduated students. After completion of the course a subject can also pursue a master degree related to their area interest. 

Eligibility :

Following is the eligibility criterion for admission of F.Y.Bcom class : -

1. Those who have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (Std XII) conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in the following subjects :

i. English 

ii. Any one of the Modern Indian Languages or Modern Foreign Languages taught in the college. 

iii. Four other subjects from among the other subjects. 


2. Three subjects from among the subjects mentioned below and one subject from among the remaining optional subjects for the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination. 

i. Economics                                 ii. Book Keeping                             iii. Organization of Commerce                         vi. Co-operation 

3. Those who have passed an examination of another university / Board or Body recognized as equivalent there to.