Mrs. Reena Mehta
Hon. Founder & Chairperson

“The last year has seen a surge of thinking and development in RMC around our academic provision. The product of this graduate level has significant expanded.” Jeevan Jyot Educatioal Charitable Trust (JJECT) was established in the year 1997 and has been acting as a parent body to Reena Mehta College (RMC) started in 2003 & Reena Mehta (St. Anne’s) High School and Junior College, which are approved by education department and affiliated to the University of Mumbai respectively. It’s a one roof educational institute. The under – graduate and junior college students particularly those with a real desire for success are highly valued, supported and rewarded at RMC. We have specialties academic staff who are absolutely to their student’s progress. “The learning environment offered to our graduate students is an invitation to explore, analyze and build upon higher – level ideas by expert academic staff” “For the RMC’s ambitions this opportunity is taken firmly with an eye on the future. Most of our students have distinct career goals and we are looking forward to drive these goals towards achievements.”