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Library Staff
Mrs. Sulochana
Mrs. Ruhi Vartak Asstt. Librarian

Library Rules and Regulations:

  1. Library premises are declared as a Silence Zone.
  2. Complete silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the Library and the Study Room 
  3. Use of mobile phone, for any purpose, is strictly prohibited in the library premises. 
  4. Every student entering the library premises should be wearing a valid College Identity card. It should be produced as and when demanded by any of the college staff members.
  5. Issue-Return is done through Barcoding from Identity Card.
  6. The Identity Card is non-transferable. Only the original holder of the cards can use them for borrowing Library materials.
  7. The Identity Card must be used for borrowing textbooks, reference books, newspapers, old question paper sets, periodicals. Etc. Students are not allowed to take these materials out of the Library.
  8. The Identity Card must be used for borrowing books for the Home Issue.Textbooks, fiction books, etc. can be borrowed for home lending on this card.
  9. Students should strictly return the books on of before the due date stamped on the due date slip stuck on the last page of the book. 
  10. In case of late return of books, the students will be charged a fine at Rs.1/- per day.
  11. While calculating the fine, holidays too will be counted.
  12. Students should pay the fine immediately. Fines cannot be kept pending under any circumstances. 
  13. Re-issue of the books will depend on the demand for the books requested.  
  14. Students must handle the Library books, periodicals and other library materials with great care. Any attempt to damage the library materials by defacing them, tearing pages, writing or marking on them will be treated as misconduct and strictly dealt with.
  15. Students should check the books and periodicals for torn or damaged pages before leaving the counter. Such pages should be immediately brought to the notice of the counter staff. If any book or periodical is found to be damaged or torn, the last student issuing the book or periodical will be held responsible.
  16. The Internet facility in the Library has been made available for educational purposes only. Students should refrain from using it for any other purpose. 
  17. If the Identity card is lost,  Duplicate cards will be issued on completion of all necessary formalities. 
  18. Student must register an F.I.R. in the nearest police station and it should be submitted along with the application form for Duplicate cards. 
  19. A Duplicate Identity card will be issued on payment of Rs.100/-   
  20. In case of any type of misuse or damage against the lost cards, either in the college premises or outside, the original holder of the card will be held responsible.
  21. All library communications for the students will be in the form of notices displayed from time to time. ?
  22. Students should regularly read the notices displayed on the Library notice boards. 
  23. Students must strictly follow all Library rules and regulations. Any disregard of these rules will be reported to the Principal for appropriate disciplinary action. 

Library Services:
Book Bank Facility

Book Bank facility is provided to Economically Backward Class Students on receipt of their requisite forms.  Due notice of Book Bank is published on all the notice boards at the time of admissions.There are two book bank schemes provided by the college.

Student Aid Fund Book Bank :

This book bank scheme is run for the Economically Backward/ Other Backward Class Students.  Books regarding syllabus are issued to students for the whole year and taken back after final examination is over.  The funds for this scheme are raised from Student Aid Fund of the college. For more information 
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BC Book Bank

This book bank scheme is run for the SC/ST Category Students.  Books regarding syllabus are issued to students for the whole year and taken back after final examination is over. University of Mumbai, Mumbai provides funds for this scheme every year. For more information 
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Journals & Magazines: Newspapers:
University News The Times of India
The Companion DNA  (Daily News Analysis)
India Today Indian Express
Business Today The Economic Times
Reader’s  Digest Mumbai Mirror
Indian Journals of Commerce & management studies Maharashtra Times
Journals of Arts ,Commerce &  Science Navbharat Times