Miss. Poonam Padhihar (T.Y.B.M.S.)

Volleyball Rocball Championships

  1. won 5 state levels.
  2. competed for 5 nationals.
  3. Completed & Won 1st Asian level which was held at Kathmandu, Nepal.
  4. Participated in 4 marathons and won 1st place in two of the same and 2nd and 3rd in the rest two.
  5. Selected for 2nd Asian championship which will be held in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Vishal Sharma (T.Y.B.A.F.)

  1. Black belt in Karate.
  2. Won silver medal in mayor cup

miss Ashiwini Batham (S.Y.B.M.M.)

  1. winner of the ace raw reality show season 1